Ways to get help

The Chance Foundation provides charitable assistance to seriously ill children, citizens of the Republic of Belarus, aged from 2 to 18 (in exceptional cases, by decision of the Board, assistance may be rendered to children under 2 years old) under the conditions  inclusion in the programs.

Assistance is provided in cases when highly qualified and timely medical care can’t, for any reason, be provided by public medical institutions or paid for with budget funds.

If a decision is made to provide charitable assistance, the foundation signs an agreement with the relevant medical institution for the provision of medical services, the purchase of medicines and medical equipment. Payment is made by bank transfer to the account of a medical institution. In exceptional cases, the foundation transfers funds to a charitable account of a legal representative of the child, who provides a report on the use of funds to the foundation.

Dear donors!

The Chance Foundation is a non-profit organization. The funds raised are not used to cover administrative expenses. All the donations go to the medical treatment of sick Belarusian children.

Thank you for considering a donation for the cause of seriously ill children!  There's always a chance!