"Help for children with epidermolysis bullosa" program

"Help for children with epidermolysis bullosa" program

The program began its implementation under the Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus in 2017.

The program is aimed at creating a system for helping children with epidermolysis bullosa:

- providing children with epidermolysis bullosa with the necessary medicines and skin care products;

- ensuring the possibility of genetic research for children with epidermolysis bullosa;

- provision of information support to families raising children with epidermolysis bullosa.

In order to improve the quality of medical care on the basis of the City Clinical Dermatovenerological Dispensary, the Republican Cabinet of Genetic Skin Pathology was created, in which children with epidermolysis bullosa receive assistance to this day.

Within the framework of the program, visits of foreign specialists were organized to exchange experience with Belarusian doctors, as well as a visit of an interdisciplinary team of Belarusian doctors to a foreign Epidermolysis Bullosa Center was paid.

The program is implemented thanks to the financial support of the KAMAKO Company.