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Yan Urbanovich
Yan Urbanovich
11/25/2017, Grodno

Yan Urbanovich

25.11.2017, Grodno
  • Diagnosis: juvenile idiopathic rheumatoid arthritis, a systemic variant
  • Fundraising goal: purchase of medication
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Meet the child
Friendly, incredibly sociable, erudite, and cute little Yan has been struggling with a serious illness and complications for four years. The boy has juvenile idiopathic rheumatoid arthritis, a systemic variant of the disease, which is characterized by fever, intense inflammation of various organs of the body, and a rash.

Since November 2020, after suffering from a coronavirus infection, Yan has had episodes of fever with a rash, and blood test results have deteriorated significantly. The boy's health was rapidly worsening. Although the prescribed therapy alleviated the child's condition, the disease did not recede. In November 2022, Yan was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis with systemic onset. The boy kept receiving inpatient treatment at hospitals in Grodno and Minsk, but his condition only got worse. There was a compression fracture of the thoracic vertebrae, arthritis of the shoulder joint and other complications, a synovial cyst 38 cm long was formed.

After receiving disappointing results from the prescribed therapy, Yan's parents sought assistance from the National Medical Research Center for Children's Health in Moscow. Taking into account the autoaggressive nature of the disease, the ineffectiveness of the therapy, the presence of active systemic manifestations (rash) and joint syndrome, the child was replaced by a medicine of genetically engineered biological therapy for vital indications.

On June 3, 2024, the child began therapy with Ilaris (Kanakinumab) at the Moscow clinic. The improvement in the condition was noticeable not only externally, but also confirmed by laboratory tests. Due to the positive clinical and laboratory dynamics of Yan, it is necessary to continue subcutaneous therapy once every 4 weeks, according to vital indications. The next introduction is scheduled for July 1, 2024. In case of cancellation of the continuation of therapy, the risk of severe disability of the child is high. 

To date, the medicine Ilaris (Kanakinumab) has been registered in Belarus, but is not included in the Republican Form of Medicines, and therefore Jan cannot be provided with this medicine on a preferential basis and parents need to purchase it themselves.

The Foundation has initiated a fundraising campaign to acquire 12 vials of Ilaris (Kanakinumab) for treatment purposes throughout the year. Together, we can help the boy fight the insidious disease!
Together we make a difference!
  • Diagnosis: oncological, hematological and immunological diseases
  • Fundraising goal: medications, MIBG-diagnostic, FMI-test
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