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Violetta Romanchuk
Violetta Romanchuk
06/17/2010, Vitebsk

Violetta Romanchuk

17.06.2010, Vitebsk
  • Diagnosis: Cyst of the choledochus
  • Fundraising goal: Surgical treatment
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Meet the child
Four-year-old Violetta has a rare congenital disease - a cyst of the choledochus. The girl suffers from bouts of abdominal pain, accompanied by vomiting. The cyst is growing rapidly, the girl need surgery. If we don't perform the surgery in time, there is a risk of complications: cancer, cirrhosis, cholestasis , cyst rupture. The German doctors clinic Charite are ready to perform difficult operation with removal of a gall bladder and reconstruction of bilious channels. The cost of treatment - 18 896 euros. The child must live without pain!

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09.09.2019, Shchuchin, Grodno region
  • Diagnosis: atresia of the external auditory canal on the left, microtia of the auricle (3 degree on the left), conductive hearing loss (4 degree on the left)
  • Fundraising goal: operational treatment
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