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Timofey Filipchenko
Timofey Filipchenko
06/02/2014, city of Mogilev

Timofey Filipchenko

02.06.2014, city of Mogilev
  • Diagnosis: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA)
  • Fundraising goal: purchase of drug Humira
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Meet the child
Timothy got sick ill when he was just a year old. Then, the disease attacked the knee, wrist and elbow joints. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis was diagnosed and treatment started.

What does this diagnosis mean for a child? This is the inability to move normally, this is swelling and limited mobility of the joints, this is the pain that accompanies movement, this is the restrictions and prohibitions on outdoor games, and generally playing with peers in order to protect the little fidget from new diseases, because the child’s immunity is already weakened by reception immunosuppressive drugs,and a number of endless hospitalization, this is the pain and despair of parents who are exhausted in attempts to alleviate the suffering of their child. And this is a great hope - the hope that the drug will help, that the remission will be long - and the son will finally heal a normal life...

In the life of little Timothy, periods of exacerbation and improvement improved one another. However, unfortunately, the treatment regimen did not lead to the expected result, the child’s body is depressed by the effects of daily medications, hormone dependence develops, and the disease progresses. Given the characteristics of the course of the disease, to achieve remission, Timofey is recommended long-term therapy with the drug adalimumab (Humira).

Dear friends, a child with a complex illness, like all children, begins every new day with an open heart and magical expectations from the coming day, grows, plays and rejoices, but for this he needs to overcome pain and fight for his health all the time!

Timofey is a very active and cheerful child, inquisitive and open. Thank you for giving him a chance for a healthy future!
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  • Diagnosis: oncological, hematological and immunological diseases
  • Fundraising goal: medications, MIBG-diagnostic, FMI-test
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