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Stepan Samusev
Stepan Samusev
07/22/2011, Tereshkovichi, Gomel region

Stepan Samusev

22.07.2011, Tereshkovichi, Gomel region
  • Diagnosis: malignant tumor with astrocytic differentiation of the temporo-occipital region of the right hemisphere of the brain
  • Fundraising goal: FMI-test
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   On 01.07.2023, Stepan suddenly began to experience headaches, strabismus on the left, double vision, and a shaky gait, despite being fully healthy. The boy's parents immediately sought medical help. The CT scan revealed a voluminous formation of the occipital and temporal regions. Stepan underwent surgery on 11.07.2023 and the formation was completely removed. The council recommended the boy for complex genome profile of the tumour.  Stepan was supported by the program «Provision of medical assistance for children with cancer».

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  • Diagnosis: oncological, hematological and immunological diseases
  • Fundraising goal: medications, MIBG-diagnostic, FMI-test
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