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Nikita Vasyutich
Nikita Vasyutich
07/24/2009, city of Minsk

Nikita Vasyutich

24.07.2009, city of Minsk
  • Diagnosis: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA)
  • Fundraising goal: purchase of drug Humira
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Meet the child
Try to keep a small fidget in place, whose natural need is play, joy and freedom of movement ... Loving parents of Nikita faced this problem after he was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in June 2019.

A child with JRA may experience a whole range of clinical symptoms, but the disease is always accompanied by pain, swelling of the joints and restriction of movement. Nikita was forced to leave his beloved football, the child was not easy to adopt a new lifestyle, in which there are no outdoor games with peers and the ability to do familiar things.

The treatment of this illness is long, it begins with simpler therapy, if it does not help, the transition to the next stage is carried out - and so on until the desired result is achieved. Unfortunately, till today the disease does not respond to treatment. Given the type of ilness, exacerbations, response to treatment to achieve remission, the boy is recommended a highly effective medication Humira to achieve remission. The course of treatment requires 13 packs of the expensive drug with a 1-year course.

Dear friends, thank you for helping Nikita to restore his health, to get the opportunity to fully live, make friends and develop!
Together we make a difference!
  • Diagnosis: oncological, hematological and immunological diseases
  • Fundraising goal: medications, MIBG-diagnostic, FMI-test
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