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Matvej Delendik
Matvej Delendik
, Minsk

Matvej Delendik

  • Diagnosis: skull base tumour
  • Fundraising goal: surgery and radiotherapy
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Meet the child
Dear donors! Matvej is a two-year old boy under the wardship of "Chance" foundation whose story has been followed by many people. In May 2012 after a long period of medical examination Matvej was diagnosed with chordoma (malignant tumors of the skull base). At the beginning Matvej was treated in the "Center of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology" (Borovliany). He was also consulted by the experts at the Institute of Neurosurgery of Burdenko (Moscow), who decided not to operate on the baby due to the lack of experience of conducting such operations on such young children. Luckily, the clinic in Germany was found, where doctors successfully remove chordomas in children. Professor B. Mayer from the Munich neurosurgical clinic Rehts der Isar has proposed a phased medical treatment. The first stage implied the surgical removal of malignancy. The following step was to undergo a proton radiotherapy that acts directly on the tumor cells, in contrast to the traditional methods of radiotherapy. The preliminary cost of treatment for Matvej was from 58 000 to 67 000 Euros, plus the subsequent proton therapy cost of at least 50,000 Euros. Active collection of donations was possible due to many responses from people that could not stay indifferent to the story of Delendik family. Dr. Mayer's team conducted two complicated operations, lasting more than 9 hours each. Common effect of the surgery was the elimination of 90-95% of the tumor. Matvej has bravely endured all the trials and tribulations and started to open his eyes and move the fingers. The specialists from the Rehts der Isar consulted with professors from Boston, Harvard, Zurich about the further treatment of Matvej. Unfortunately, morphological examination has revealed that the tumor is even more aggressive and resistant than chordoma. The disease of Matvej is so rare that at the moment the German experts are unable to offer any adequate therapies as further treatment. The boy's parents have decided to continue searching for clinics in other countries. In connection with the emerging new circumstances Foundation "Chance" has decided to suspend the collection of funds until the situation with possibility of further treatment is clarified. We thank everyone who is involved and helps the Delendik family.

The video about Matvej is a courtesy of ONT TV channel (Belarus). The author is Tatiana Zhakhovskaya.

Parents' Letter (June 15, 2012)

Dear Chance Foundation director,
We are asking you to help us pay for the treatment and rehabilitation of our son Matvej Delendik, born in 2010.

In May 2012 after long and thorough examinations by lots of specialists the child was diagnosed with a skull-base tumour. Matvej is in critical but stable condition. He is now  in the Borovlyany Children's Oncology, Hematology and Immunology Center. The only way to help the child is surgical transnasal and transoral tumour removal. In Belarus such operations are not performed: there are no adequate trainig, qualified specialists and equipment.

The specialists at Burdenko Neurosurgery Research Institute (Moscow) tried to help Matvej. During the surgery performed there the diagnosis was made and a biopsy was taken. Matvej was diagnosed with a very rare tumour — chordoma. The doctors in our country never met a child suffering from such a tumour. Unfortunately, Matvej can't be operated on at Burdenko Neurosurgery Research Institute due to the lack of expertise in performing such surgeries in young children.

But Matvej's diagnosis is not a sentence. Several European clinics are ready to admit our son for the surgery. Professor Meyer at the Neurosurgical Clinic of the Munich Technical University agreed to operate on our child. There the doctors have experience in removing such tumours in children and postsurgery rehabilitation. After the chordoma removal Matvej is recommended to undergo a course of protone therapy in Gernay or Switzerland.

Our son's treatment is going to be long and expensive. The necessity for several surgeries might arise. When it comes to young children, protone therapy duration is quite long. Unfortunately, our family do not have the amount necessary for our child's treatment. The sum we have raised on our own is not enough to pay for the surgery and further rehabilitation.

We are sincerely asking you to help us pay for Matvej's treatment and give him a chance for recovery. Your help will become a chance for our family to overcome our son's disease. The Chance Foundation has already helped many children. We hope that you will help our son as well.

Valentina and Sergei Delendik

  • 15.10.2012

In the absence of final morphological tests, doctors at the "Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology" have decided to start chemotherapry in order to supress the growth of tumor. The first 3-day course of chemotherapy has led to the fall of haemotological parameters, however now Matvej slowly recovers from the therapy. The general health condition of the boy is poor. He sleeps a lot, ocсasionally responds to the sounds, touch and light. The second block of chemotherapy is planned to be performed in 1-2 weeks.

  • 11.09.2012

Matvej is still in the intensive care of the "Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology" in Belarus. Today the temperature of the baby dropped to 37.5. We are waiting for the final result of the morphological test, which will clarify the possibility of further treatment.

  • 10.09.2012

Yesterday Matvej together with his parents arrived in Minsk. The baby is now in intensive care inthe "Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology and Immunology," Borovliany (Belarus).

  •  07.09.2012

Dear donors!
Unfortunately, the disease of Matvej turned out to be much more complex than previously thought. According to the latest opinion of German morphologists, tumor is more aggressive and resistant than chordoma. German specialists at the clinic are not able to offer any further treatment. Therefore, Matvej is coming home tomorrow.
The boy's parents have decided to continue searching for clinics in other countries.
In connection with the emerging new circumstances Foundation "Chance" has decided to suspend the collection of funds until the situation with further treatment of Matvej is clarified.

  • 03.09.2012

Yesterday parents informed us that Matvej has been breathing without assistance. Good news.

  • 31.08.2012

News from the mother of Matvej:
"… While there is no plan for further treatment right now assisant of Dr. Mayer said that they consult with professors from Boston, Harvard, Zurich to make the best decision possible. This is difficult to do due to the rarity of the case. We were assured that everything would be done primarily in the interests of the child … Regards, Valentina "

  • 31.08.2012

Yesterday Matvej underwent a second complicated surgery. MRI scan made after the operation has shown that 90-95% of the tumor has been removed. The first postoperative night went well. In the morning, Matvej started opening the eyes and squeezing the mother`s hand.

  • 28.08.2012

Surgery of Matvej is scheduled on Thursday 30.08.2012

  • 22.08.2012

Good evening, father of Matvej has told us that the operation has ended. It was long and complicated, but the surgeon is satisfied. It is still too early to make any predictions. Doctors closely monitor the condition of Matvej.

  • 22.08.2012

Dear friends, today at 9: 30 am surgery started. It is expected to last for 5-8 hours.

  • 20.08.2012

  Matvej is in the clinic. Upon the completion of procedures necessary for the admission, the boy will start to prepare for the surgery.
  • 19.08.2012

Matvej is on the way to the clinic.

  •  17.08.2012

Today we transfered funds to pay for the treatment and transportation of Maatvej to Munich  96 000 000 BYR.

On Sunday a father of Matvej, accompanied by a doctor and paramedic resuscitation will go to the clinic.

  • 16.08.2012

Today it has become known that the cost of the operation is much higher than initially reported by German doctors. According to the invoice surgery of Matvej will cost from 58 000 to 67 000 Euros, plus the subsequent costs of proton therapy of at least 50,000 euros.

According to the prior arrangement with the clinic our foundation will pay for the surgery to Matvej upon the completion of treatment, and the remaining amount collected by the foundation will be transferred to the clinic to cover the costs for the proton therapy.

Matvej still feels very weak.

  • 13.08.2012

Foundation "Chance" began collecting funds for treatment of Matvej Delendik. Any donation makes a difference and is appreciated.
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  • Fundraising goal: medications, MIBG-diagnostic, FMI-test
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