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Maksim Malachenko
Maksim Malachenko
, Petrikov, Gomel region

Maksim Malachenko

Petrikov, Gomel region
  • Diagnosis: neuroblastoma
  • Fundraising goal: immunotherapy
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Meet the child
Maxim has already undergone operational treatment and several chemotherapy courses. Our foundation helped Malashenko family twice to pay for this type of examination. The boy is now in remission.
The next step on the road of the full recovery is immunotherapy, which helps the body to completely destroy individual cancer cells, preventing the risk of recurrence, which are characteristic of the disease. Unfortunately, the antibody therapy is not carried out in Belarus. San Joan de Deu hospital (Spain) is ready to take the boy. The cost of the treatment is 112 945,50 euros.

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21.03.2017, Minsk
  • Diagnosis: neurotrophic keratitis of both eyes
  • Fundraising goal: purchase of medication
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