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Zakhar Chudakov
Zakhar Chudakov
05/09/2017, Vitebsk

Zakhar Chudakov

09.05.2017, Vitebsk
  • Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia of the 2nd degree
  • Fundraising goal: operational treatment
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Meet the child

Zakhar has neurological problems. Spasticity (involuntary painful contraction of the muscles) and the resulting contractures in the legs make it very difficult for him to move when walking.

The boy was recommended surgical treatment according to the Ulzibat method. This treatment allows to achieve the correction of existing orthopedic deformities, increase the volume and number of movements, reduce pain.

After the first operation in 2021, Zakhar was able to lean with a full foot and move with more confidence. Thanks to the help of caring people, the boy underwent a second operation using the Ulzibat method in April 2022. The second operation helped Zakhar to stand on his heels and to move normally.

Friends, the boy was also paid for rehabilitation within the Joy of Movement program.

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  • Diagnosis: oncological, hematological and immunological diseases
  • Fundraising goal: medications, MIBG-diagnostic, FMI-test
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