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Angelina Luka
Angelina Luka
08/12/2006, Grodno

Angelina Luka

12.08.2006, Grodno
  • Diagnosis: focal drug-resistant epilepsy
  • Fundraising goal: operation
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Meet the child

Friends, you are already well acquainted with our wonderful ward Angelina Luka. Back in 2011, the parents of 4-year-old Angelina turned to the Chance Foundation for the first time - the child suffered from constant debilitating epileptic seizures. Doctor's attempts to find a drug that would help control the seizures have been unsuccessful. During 2011-2012, thanks to the help of philanthropists, Angelina underwent a number of examinations in German clinics, during which the probable cause of the attacks was discovered - focal cortical dysplasia. With the help of drug therapy selected in Germany, it was possible to keep the disease under control. The surgical treatment recommended by specialists for medical reasons was postponed indefinitely.

During this relatively prosperous period, the girl lived an ordinary life, studied, delighted her family with her successes. But, unfortunately, in 2019, against the background of the drugs being taken, the girl's condition worsened significantly, the painful symptoms resumed with new destructive force. Angelina was exhausted by the daily numerous severe seizures. Drug intoxication caused by taking high doses of drugs in attempts by doctors to choose an effective treatment regimen further depressed the growing girl's body.

After consultation with specialists from the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery, it was decided that it was necessary to perform brain surgery to eliminate the cause of epileptic activity. In September 2020, the Freiburg University Hospital admitted Angelina for diagnostics and surgical treatment.

For four days of video surveillance, 102 attacks were recorded! In December 2020, an operation was performed to remove one of the three lesions. According to doctors' forecasts, 50% of daily attacks should go away. Unfortunately, the operation could not save the child from the most dangerous and traumatic attacks - sudden uncontrolled falls that continue to happen 2-3 times a day. Angelina has to wear a special protective helmet at home to protect her head in case of a fall. During sudden seizures, she is in great danger due to the lack of mind control. 

Both German and Belarusian experts state that Angelina's case is very difficult. Today, the girl again needs help from benefactors for the next stage of treatment at the Freiburg clinic. At the interdisciplinary council of the epilepsy centers of Freiburg, Kehl-Cork, Keel and Heidelberg, it was recommended to conduct an invasive study using intracranial EEG with the installation of intracerebral depth electrodes (stereo-electroencephalography). Thanks to caring people, the girl passed it in September 2021 at the University Hospital of Freiburg. After analyzing the results of this examination at an interdisciplinary consultation, German specialists recommended surgical treatment - cortical resection. According to the conclusion of German experts, there is a high probability that Angelina's quality of life after this operation will change forever for the better.

Angelina is an ordinary teenager with her own world full of interests, plans and dreams. The girl is an excellent student, she is a creative and versatile person. But each attack threatens to ruin her achievements and her life. During sudden seizures due to lack of control of consciousness, she is in great danger, which responds with pain and helplessness in the hearts of her family members. Angelina dreams of becoming a psychologist in order to help people and make them happier, and her biggest dream is to meet her 16th birthday without seizures.

Dear benefactors, thank you for your help! Fundraising is over!
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  • Diagnosis: oncological, hematological and immunological diseases
  • Fundraising goal: medications, MIBG-diagnostic, FMI-test
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