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Anastasiya Chikina
Anastasiya Chikina
04/20/2015, Gomel

Anastasiya Chikina

20.04.2015, Gomel
  • Diagnosis: Primary immunodeficiency. Recurrent fever syndrome with hyperimmunoglobulinemia
  • Fundraising goal: drug Canakinumab
Meet the child
Nastya is growing up in a friendly large family. She has a younger and older sister. She is a kind, sympathetic and very positive girl. This year Nastya became a first-grader, but, unfortunately, the studies take place at home. And this is due to the frequent and severe attacks of fever. The temperature rises to 40 degrees and above. This condition is accompanied by poor health, blue lips and hands. After numerous examinations, the cause was established - a rare disease associated with a mutation in the MVK gene. Therapy with the expensive drug Canakinumab will help to overcome the attacks of fever.

For a one-year course of treatment, only 7 ampoules are needed, but the cost of one is more than 600,000 Russian rubles.

Friends, let's help Nastya take control of the manifestations of a rare disease and get a chance for a healthy life!