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Aleksandra Voynich
Aleksandra Voynich
09/11/2018, Minsk

Aleksandra Voynich

11.09.2018, Minsk
  • Diagnosis: epilepsy
  • Fundraising goal: genetic analysis
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Meet the child
Sasha has epilepsy. The girl suffers from seizures accompanied by loss of consciousness, vomiting, lethargy, and headaches.
Unfortunately, taking medications does not give the desired results. Sasha needs a genetic analysis to clarify the diagnosis and select the correct treatment strategy.

This genetic analysis for the girl was paid for thanks to your timely help, dear benefactors!

Thanks for continuing to help!
Together we make a difference!
  • Diagnosis: oncological, hematological and immunological diseases
  • Fundraising goal: medications, MIBG-diagnostic, FMI-test
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