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Aleksandr Lapankov
Aleksandr Lapankov
02/15/2005, Minsk

Aleksandr Lapankov

15.02.2005, Minsk
  • Diagnosis: congenital heart rhythm disorder
  • Fundraising goal: surgical treatment
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Meet the child

Sasha is a very kind, open-hearted, purposeful and talented guy. The world of his hobbies and interests is diverse - he deeply studies programming, learnes English and loves sports! But for now, Sasha can only be a spectator at the sports grounds due to serious health restrictions. The boy has a congenital heart rhythm disorder.

At the age of three, he underwent neurosurgery. When the recovery period passed, it seemed that the child's condition returned to normal. Suddenly at the age of 9, heart problems appeared: even minimal physical exertion provoked serious consequences, tachycardia - up to the fact that after a physical education lesson Sasha went to intensive care to restore his heart rhythm.

Medical examinations carried out revealed that Sasha has a rare type of tachycardia. Years passed, Sasha was registered with a cardiologist, learned to live with his pathology and even learned to stop seizures with the help of special techniques. However, all this time the problem remained unresolved. The doctors managed to determine the cause of the pathology, for the treatment of which surgical intervention is necessary. Sasha is now 15, and this age is optimal in his case for an operation that can completely eliminate the pathological focus and remove the cause that triggers the seizures.

Sasha is recommended radio frequency ablation surgery using the Carto navigation system. The operation will be performed by highly qualified surgeons of the N.N. N.I. Pirogova, Moscow. This leading federal pediatric center in Russia has a colossal long-term experience in eliminating heart disorders, it has all the necessary technical conditions.

Dear friends, this unique high-tech operation gives the guy a chance to completely cure his disease. Sasha enters adulthood. Recovery means freedom for him: the freedom to live fully and breathe deeply, spend time with peers, do sports, dream and achieve his goals ...

Thank you for your support! Thanks to your kind help Sasha can realize all his wonderful plans and bright dreams!

Together we make a difference!
  • Diagnosis: oncological diseases
  • Fundraising goal: enteral nutrition
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