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Nikita Tankovich
Nikita Tankovich
08/14/2011, Vitebsk

Nikita Tankovich

14.08.2011, Vitebsk
  • Diagnosis: Structural epilepsy. Mild cerebral palsy with left-sided hemiparesis
  • Fundraising goal: rehabilitation
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Meet the child
Nikita suffers from mild cerebral palsy with left-sided hemiparesis and epilepsy. Currently, the child underwent 3 operations, through which his leg fell onto the foot. Nikita needs constant and hard work on his walk: regular work at home on simulators, swimming pool twice a week, physical education classes. The boy's parents asked for help paying for the boy's rehabilitation.
Nikita was supported by "Joy of movement" program.
Together we make a difference!
21.03.2017, Minsk
  • Diagnosis: neurotrophic keratitis of both eyes
  • Fundraising goal: purchase of medication
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