Elena Yurievna Protsenko

Проценко.jpgThe heart is a symbol of love and virtue, our temple of the soul, flaming engine and one of the main organs of the body. Any disruption in the operation of this complex and sensitive mechanism can lead to irreversible consequences. And when such failures occur in little children, the hearts of all caring people shrink...

Today we want to introduce you to the functional diagnostics doctor and pediatric cardiologist / arrhythmologist - Elena Yurievna Protsenko. She is a doctor with a God-given talent, with a huge heart, striving to help all children in need.

Elena Yurievna has been cooperating with the foundation since 2010, supervises and consults our ward children with complex heart rhythm disorders. She leads children before and after operations, achieving incredible results and victories in working with young patients.

How many years have you worked in medicine?

My medical experience is 35 years. There was never a question about choosing a profession, since my parents are doctors. The question of choosing a profession has never come up, since my parents are doctors. Since childhood, I spent a lot of time with mom and dad at their work. And from the age of 5, I firmly knew that I would be a doctor. Mom treated children - she was a pediatric orthopedist, operated a lot, corrected congenital deformities. And I didn’t even consider another faculty other than pediatric.

What features are in your work? What is its uniqueness?

My work has two features: I stood at the origins of pediatric arrhythmology in Belarus - it was both difficult and interesting at the same time. The difficulty was that there was practically no one to consult with on a daily basis. And the interest was in learning new things. For this I had to travel a lot to conferences and training seminars.
Another feature is due to the fact that you need to have a lot of patience and faith in victory. Patience, so great that the parents would believe and trust the doctor. It sometimes takes years to overcome the disease!

Where do you get your strength? What inspires you and helps you recover after a working day?

I draw strength from the children. They have an extraordinary positive energy. Not for nothing all children's doctors love to smile! I have a lot of hobbies: in winter these are theatres, sightseeing tours. But in summer we are lost to friends, since for us there is nothing more important than our summer cottage. This is a real paradise with not only physical activity in the fresh air, but also the pleasure of communicating with wildlife, with neighbors and friends along Maryina Gorka. This is swimming in the lake, hiking, mushroom picking, fishing ...

What is the Chance Foundation for you?

The Chance Foundation has become a REAL CHANCE for me to help those children whom I am unable to help. This is that reliable shoulder next to which you feel more confident.

Further training and professional experience:
“Clinical ECG”.
“Functional Diagnostics Issues”.
“Diagnostic computer and microprocessor systems of domestic production in cardiology”.
“Resuscitation and intensive care of emergency conditions”.
“Functional diagnostics of rhythm and conduction disorders”.
“Diseases of the cardiovascular system in children and adolescents”.
“Holter monitoring”.
“Functional diagnostics in pediatrics”.
“Modern approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases in children and adolescents”.

Participation in conferences and congresses:
III All-Russian Congress of Arrhythmologists “Topical Issues of Arrhythmology – 2009”, the Russian Federation.
RSPS “Topical issues of treatment of complex heart rhythm disorders”, RSPC “Cardiology” and the Company “St. Jude Medical”, Republic of Belarus.
International Congress “Cardiostim – 2010”, the Russian Federation.
IV All-Russian Congress of Arrhythmologists, the Russian Federation.
RSPS “The role of modern implantable systems in the treatment of chronic heart failure and in the prevention of sudden cardiac death”, RSPC “Cardiology”, Companies “Medtronic” and “Multi-medicine”, Republic of Belarus.
II Eurasian Congress of Cardiology, Republic of Belarus.
VI National Congress of Cardiologists, Republic of Belarus.
I Congress of Electrophysiologists, Interventional Physiologists and Cardiac Surgeons, Republic of Belarus.
RSPS “Topical issues of pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery”, Republic of Belarus.
VIII All-Russian Congress “Pediatric Cardiology 2014”, the Russian Federation.
RSPC “Actual problems of medicine”, Republic of Belarus.
RSPC “Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment in pediatric cardiology and rheumatology”, Republic of Belarus.

We are proud of our cooperation with Elena Yurievna Protsenko and are grateful to her for her invaluable help in the activities of our Foundation and a sensitive, attentive attitude to the hearts of our little wards! We wish you to have as many healthy and grateful hearts as possible in your life!