The latest news about the children

Dear friends and donors,

We are pleased to share with you some news about our children in ward. With your help they have got a chance to recover. Many of them have already received your support that allowed to forget about the diseases. Others were able to find hope and strength to fight the disease.

Anna Gureckaja

After the operation Anya feels much better. She and her mother are already at home. The girl wears a supporting bandage. Belarusian doctors suggested her to undergo a rehabilitation at the regional clinical hospital of medical rehabilitation in Aksakovschina.

Surgery to remove the tumor has lasted for about 6 hours. Girl`s attending physician, Dr. Rokhind, said that they had just «caught the last train». If the operation was not carried out, it soon could lead to new complications. From the operating room doctor came out with a smile, said that the girl has great potential. The tumor was removed completely, the spinal canal was reconstructed by applying weave muscles and soft tissues. Anya is gradually recovering and getting ready for a trip to rehab.

Dominika Moyseevich and Nazar Kamjak

Two more kids — Dominika and Nazar — pleased us with good news. They had the same diagnosis — concealed WPW syndrome with frequent attacks of paroxysmal tachycardia. And both were successfully operated on in the Lithuanian Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Klinikos. Children do no longer need to take  antiarrhythmic drugs. Now they are free to run, jump, laugh, sing and dance as healthy children.

Matvej Popok

The positive dynamics is noted in the treatment of two-year old Matvej. Expensive drugs that have been purchased at the expense of our benefactors have helped the child. Matvej has already stopped intensive treatment, now he is in supportive medical therapy and feels much better.

Uljana Yuzko

Uljana is already at home. Girl was operated on the heart, which she endured well. To reduce the risk of postoperative complications and treatment of pulmonary hypertension, doctors prescribed Uljana the drug "Bosentan". The girl has been taking the drugs already for a month and is doing well. Her favorite game — "the doctor", she treats her family and all the dolls.

Daniil Mozol, Kirill Vinogradov, Angelina Murachkovskaja

Three of our children in ward with cerebral palsy were treated by means of the method of fibrotomiya by Prof. Ulzibat — is a unique method of treatment of patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The first results of surgery will take in time, but children are already experiencing a positive trend.

Alexandra Kanonik

With the help of our donors, Sasha was paid for a course of antiviral therapy with PegIntron. According to her mother, the girl has successfully responded to the ongoing course of treatment. If at the beginning of therapy in blood of the girl 170,000 copies of virus hepatitis C were found, after seven shots viral load decreased to 320 copies. Sasha needs the 24-week treatment course, and we hope that the following analysis will show the absence of the virus at all.

Fyodor Kaminskiy

The mother of Fyodor has told us that the trip to Germany to the center of Epidermolysis Bullosa was successful. Fedor has full-depth examination. Doctors gave them important and necessary recommendations, assigned medication. Special medical ointments that relieve pain and significantly improve skin condition. Fedor has already returned to school.

Viktoriya Krupskaja

Vika had surgery for the nerve reconstruction to restore the function of the affected right hand. The mother of Vika has told us that thanks to the surgery there are new positive changes. The girl learns how to control her hand, and has already mastered a few new moves.

Chance Foundation in its own name and on behalf of the parents of children you support in the time of need, expresses sincere gratitude for your sympathy, compassion and help.