Minsk Triathlon 2021

Last fall, we met wonderful people from the Tristyle Triathlon Club and immediately realized that our cooperation can become long-lasting and fruitful, as we share the same values, ideas of mercy and mutual assistance.

In September 2020, the Tristyle Club held the Minsk Charity Triathlon, in which more than 60 people from different countries of the world took part, and all the funds raised were used to conduct MIBG therapy for our ward Maxim Enin. Athletes from Belarus, Russia and Europe have actively responded to this charitable initiative.

This year, we are very happy to continue and expand our cooperation with the Tristyle Club in the framework of the Minsk Triathlon 2021. On the day of the competition, we will be glad to meet you at the finish site, get to know you, exchange emotions and impressions, and do a good deed together. In addition, part of the funds raised from the Minsk Triathlon 2021 will also be used to pay for the treatment of one of the wards of the Foundation.

Preparations for the event are in full swing, registration for participation continues. Detailed information about participation and the program can be obtained on the website https://minsktriathlon.by/, tel. +375 (44) 760-83-56, by e-mail info@minsktriathlon.by.

Go for it! Participate and win! Come to the event as spectators and fans!

Together we will make our world a better place!

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