Happy and magical New Year!

The Chance Foundation Team wishes everyone a Happy New Year! 

We have worked hard all year long and together we have done hundreds of good things, giving children a chance for a healthy life. Thousands of steps have been taken to each other, to kindness and new possibilities! And some of our children have taken their first steps this year with your help. We would like to thank you for staying with us and helping to carry on the important and necessary work - to help our children.  We wish that the coming year will bring to your life as many bright and happy moments, pleasant events and joyous encounters as possible! 

May your families be overcome by disorders, illnesses and difficulties! 

May the words of love and support always sound in your home! 

May the New Year be successful and bring new opportunities and new achievements! 

Let the children's laughter never stop and let the tears come only from joy!

We hope you do not lose trust in the best and know that everything is certanly going to work! 

And our gift for you will be the song "Give a child a chance" performed by our team! Sing this song with us! 

Happy New Year!