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Timofey Kutomanov
Timofey Kutomanov
07/04/2009, city of Vitebsk

Timofey Kutomanov

04.07.2009, city of Vitebsk
  • Diagnosis: 4th ventricular medulloblastoma
  • Fundraising goal: proton therapy
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Meet the child
In November 2019, Timofey had alarming symptoms - weakness, severe headaches, accompanied by vomiting. As a result of the examination, the child was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Subtotal (partial) removal of the tumor was performed urgently in the Belarussian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology, followed by heavy chemotherapy, histological examination revealed the malignant nature of the neoplasm.

Medulloblastoma is the most common type of primary brain cancer in children, a malignant brain tumor with an ominous prognosis. The standard complex treatment begins with a maximally safe resection and includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy as part of treatment. The addition of radiation to the entire neuraxis and chemotherapy may increase the disease-free survival. High aiming accuracy of the beam during proton therapy delivers higher targeted doses of radiation directly to affect the tumor minimizing radiation exposure to nearby healthy tissue which is especially important in the treatment of head tumors at children. This makes proton terapy the optimal method of radiation therapy and means the opportunity to make the treatment as sparing as possible for small patients, significantly reduce the risks of side effects and avoid serious consequences and further problems in the development of the child.

Today, proton beam therapy is not available in the Republic of Belarus. Specialists of the Dr. Berezin Medical Center, St. Petersburg, Russia, have accepted the kid for treatment upon a letter of guarantee from the foundation.

Talented and capable, Timothy grows up in a large friendly family. Like many boys, he dreams of becoming a professional footballer; he is engaged in a football club in Vitebsk. Today Timothy directed all his strength and will to the main victory - the victory over the disease. Let us help him to score his main goal so far!

Dear benefactors, we urgently need your help to save Timofey life!
Together we make a difference!
20.04.2015, Gomel
  • Diagnosis: Primary immunodeficiency. Recurrent fever syndrome with hyperimmunoglobulinemia
  • Fundraising goal: drug Canakinumab
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