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Stanislav Gabrusev
Stanislav Gabrusev
02/27/2008, urban settlement of Orekhovsk, Orsha district

Stanislav Gabrusev

27.02.2008, urban settlement of Orekhovsk, Orsha district
  • Diagnosis: nonspecific ulcerative colitis
  • Fundraising goal: genetic examination
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Meet the child
Stanislav needs to conduct a molecular genetic examination to set the cause of the disease, to establish an accurate diagnosis and to choose the right treatment.
Funds for the providing examination for the boy were transfered thanks to the donations received by the Foundation with the statement "For the treatment of the Children". 

Thank you, dear benefactors!
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09.09.2019, Shchuchin, Grodno region
  • Diagnosis: atresia of the external auditory canal on the left, microtia of the auricle (3 degree on the left), conductive hearing loss (4 degree on the left)
  • Fundraising goal: operational treatment
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