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Polina Bogdan
Polina Bogdan
11/22/2013, city of Minsk

Polina Bogdan

22.11.2013, city of Minsk
  • Diagnosis: congenital melanocytic nevus
  • Fundraising goal: surgical treatment
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Meet the child
Polina is a real beauty and a lady: she does ballet, she is fond of drawing, she is a talented and modest girl. Only one thing darkens the happy life of the family:  the girl has a giant congenital dangerous birthmark of large-sized skin, a nevus, located in the area of the leg . The mole grows in proportion to the growth of the body and must be removed. It is very important to do this as early as possible, since hormonal changes, external injuries and other factors can provoke the degeneration of a tumor into a malignant melanoma.

The method of expander plastic (balloon stretching of the skin) allows to solve this problem as efficiently as possible. The operation is carried out in several stages and allows to achieve the best therapeutic and aesthetic effect.

Surgeons of the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital of the Russian National Research Medical University. N.I. Pirogov of the Ministry of Health of Russia in Moscow have rich experience in successfully removing these formations. The girl undergoes multi-stage treatment there.

Thanks to the help of caring people, Polina has already successfully completed three stages of treatment (including two surgical interventions per stage). Now the girl needs to go through the next stage of treatment in Moscow.

Dear donors, thank you for your help! Fundraising is over!

The Chance Foundation thanks all the caring people who help Polina complete the treatment and support the girl on her way to a healthy, happy life in harmony with her body!
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21.03.2017, Minsk
  • Diagnosis: neurotrophic keratitis of both eyes
  • Fundraising goal: purchase of medication
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