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Ivan Grusho
Ivan Grusho
, Minsk

Ivan Grusho

  • Diagnosis: condition after surgical removal of a malignant tumor of the membranes of nerve fibers of the left brachial plexus with flaccid paresis of the left arm, relapse, state after repeated surgery and brachytherapy
  • Fundraising goal: targeted therapy
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Meet the child
Two years ago Ivan undergone a malignant tumor removal in the left brachial plexus. The boy also went through chemotherapy and radiation therapy in Belarus. Due to the fact that the tumor was within the nerve fibers, during the operation they were removed. Now Ivan has flaccid paresis of the left hand: the hand is limited in movement, sensitivity is impaired. With the help of donors, Ivan undergone the reconstruction of the brachial plexus and nerve transplantation in hospital San Joan de Deu (Spain). In March 2016 the guy returned to the clinic for a second operation on the tendon-muscle plasticity, but in the preoperative examination relapse was revealed. Brachytherapy and radiation therapy were carried out urgently in the clinic. Now Ivan needs treatment with targeted drugs for one year under the supervision of the Spanish doctors. Conducting targeted therapy is impossible in Belarus, and its cost is very high. Dear donors, thank you for the help!


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  • Diagnosis: oncological diseases
  • Fundraising goal: enteral nutrition
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