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Emma Darevskaya
Emma Darevskaya
11/03/2016, city of Baranovichi, Brest region

Emma Darevskaya

03.11.2016, city of Baranovichi, Brest region
  • Diagnosis: congenital heart disease, Ebstein's Anomaly
  • Fundraising goal: surgical therapy
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Meet the child
Little Emma has an extremely rare and complex congenital heart disease.

There is a negative developmental pathology, the girl’s health condition is deteriorating, pathological processes are progressing. Correction of Ebstein's anomaly requires surgical intervention using the “artificial heart and lung” apparatus. According to information from German doctors, this operation is regularly carried out by specialists of the German Heart Center who are ready to accept Emma for treatment. It is assumed that this treatment will be radical, and re-intervention is not required. The hospital has many years of experience in eliminating of cardiac disorders, there are necessary technical conditions.

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09.09.2019, Shchuchin, Grodno region
  • Diagnosis: atresia of the external auditory canal on the left, microtia of the auricle (3 degree on the left), conductive hearing loss (4 degree on the left)
  • Fundraising goal: operational treatment
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