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Dmitriy Korzhov
Dmitriy Korzhov
06/14/2018, Gomel

Dmitriy Korzhov

14.06.2018, Gomel
  • Diagnosis: neuroblastoma
  • Fundraising goal: MIBG-scintigraphy
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Meet the child
Dmitriy is fighting cancer. The boy is undergoing a treatment according to the protocol in the Belarussian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology, Borovlyany. 

MIBG scintigraphy is needed for further diagnostics which is held in the Russian Scientific Center of Roentgenology & Radiology of the Ministry of Health Russian Federation. MIBG is a nuclear scan test that uses injected radioactive material and a special scanner to locate or confirm the presence of neuroblastoma. Funds for the MIBG-scintigraphy for Dmitriy were transfered by the general partner of the fund "Gazprom Transgas Belarus".

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20.04.2015, Gomel
  • Diagnosis: Primary immunodeficiency. Recurrent fever syndrome with hyperimmunoglobulinemia
  • Fundraising goal: drug Canakinumab
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