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Anastasia Neverovskaya
03/12/2012, Minsk district, Kolodishchi

Anastasia Neverovskaya

03.12.2012, Minsk district, Kolodishchi
  • Diagnosis: malignant brain tumor
  • Fundraising goal: proton beam therapy
Fundraising is over
Meet the child
26/11/2016. Anastasia passed away. We express our sincere condolences to the parents, relatives and friends. Foundation "Chance" expresses boundless gratitude to everyone who helped the girl's family in paying for the expensive treatment.

The letter of Anastasia


My name is Nastenka. I am three years old, almost four now. I have a two-year-old brother, a mother and a father. Our family is very good. My dad is very strong; he is a military officer and has protected our Motherland for 27 years. My mum says she has been waiting for me all her life, almost forty years. This is ten times as much as my age, can you imagine that?

In general, I am an obedient girl and try not to cause any trouble, but over the last six months my parents have been very upset. The matter is that in September 2015, a brain tumor was removed from my brain. There is no final diagnosis despite the fact that I was examined in several cities. In Minsk, doctors concluded that I most probably had “a teratoid/rhabdoid tumor GIV of the left parieto-occipital area”. The doctors in the Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute in Moscow said that it “to a greater extent corresponded to a rhabdomyosarcoma” and the ones from the RogachevFederal Research and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology concluded that it “to a greater extent corresponded to a rhabdoid meningioma”. In Germany, the doctors of the Tubingen Clinic decided that the tumor was malignant, embryonal and unclassifiable and had rhabdoid morphology and those of the Heidelberg Clinic said: “the DNA methylation profile has shown a possible similarity to a pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma”.

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The tumor was removed in September, but we still stayed in the hospital. The doctors prescribed chemotherapy. My mum told me that there was a butterfly living inside my body; we should simply feed it a little and it would fly away. She added that butterflies settled only in the most beautiful, intelligent and patient girls. I fed it with vincristine, doxorubicin and methotrexate. This made me feel quite bad. My mouth mucosa was burnt so much that I could not eat; my liver grew in size and leucocyte level dropped almost to zero. However, there was no effect. Last year, in December, my brain tumor was removed again and chemotherapy was prescribed. I passed two cycles of it and I must say that this ordeal is just too much for a little girl. The prognosis is not optimistic. The statistics concerning my disease is so hopeless that nobody wants to study it. It is no comfort.
My father has protected our Motherland for 27 years, but now he is not able to protect me from a little butterfly that settled inside me and desires to leave. There are, however, doctors in Germany who can help me. They treat patients with proton therapy which is believed to suit children much better than radiation therapy. Proton therapy enables targeted treatment of the tumor with a fine beam of protons as well as pinpoint focusing accuracy which is of extreme importance for localizing a malignant neoplasm in close proximity to such vital organs as cerebrum, spinal cord, large arteries and nerve stems. This is just my case.
I would fly to Heidelberg, Germany, immediately, but the problem is that it is extremely expensive to be treated there: the price is € 136,000. This is more money than our flat, our car and all my toys are worth.
I appeal to you for any possible help and send all certifying documents.
My greatest desire is to be able to play in the street jumping in puddles, go to kindergarten with other children, play with my little brother, to go to the seaside one day. I wish to have long hair again, to hear my mum laugh more often and I want my father to toss me up to the ceiling again. My wishes are so simple. And in order for them to come true, I just have to let my butterfly fly away…
I have recently made a small poem and read it to my mum every day to make her feel better:
It’s a motto for my life for my luck to matter:
Let everything be fine today and tomorrow — better!
I’ll repeat it many times and the clouds will scatter:
Everything is fine today and tomorrow — better!
I repeat it more and more though my life may shatter:
Everything is fine indeed and tomorrow — better!
Thank you in advance,
Anastasiya Neverovskaya

Details to help in the euro:

Beneficiary bank: AB «SIAULIU BANKAS»

Beneficiary: TVLP fondo "Sansas", code: 302871400

Bank address: Seimyniskiu g. 1A, LT-09312, Vilnius, Lithuania

IBAN: LT21 7180 3000 0470 0415


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12.31.2017, city of Vitebsk
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  • Fundraising goal: Anti-GD2 antibody-containing immunotherapy
Amount needed
106 200
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63 285
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05.14.2004, city of Novogrudok, Grodno region
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We still need to raise
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Fundraising is over
Total collected
36 888
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