Recent news about the children

Dear friends and donors,

We are pleased to share with you some news about our children in ward, who, with your help and participation, have received a chance to recover. Many of them have already got help that allowed them to forget about the diseases, others have received support to find hope and  strength to fight the disease.

Georgiy Myndra

After a long search for a suitable hospital, where Georgiy would be able to receive a second stage of treatment of arteriovenous aneurysms of the brain, the clinic in Frankfurt on the Oder was found. Georgiy and his mother are now in the hospital in Germany, where Georgiy receives a course of stereotactic radiotherapy. After consultation with the chief physician of the radiation oncology department, the decision was taken to undergo 11 sessions. Each session takes place in three different positions 2 times — every time you get six layers of radiation. Georgiy has already had four treatments, he feels well. It is not necessary for Georgiy to stay at the hospital, therefore he comes only for the treatment. Whether a further treatment is needed, will be known after the completion of therapy.

Dikorevich Maxim

Maxim is now at home with the family of foster parents. On December 11, 2012 Maxim together with his foster mother, Marina went to the clinic in Vilnius for cardiac radiofrequency ablation (RFA). In the process of medical manipulations before the operation the presence of nodal tachycardia, and not the beam tachycardia, as previously thought, was revealed. The situation was complicated by the fact that the node, causing tachyarrhythmia is close to the conduction system of the heart, and ablation of this site was associated with a high risk to a child's life, therefore Lithuanian specialists decided not to perform RFA. They confirmed that this method can be used to operate on Maxim when he is 10-12 years old, when it will be possible to get to the center of tachyarrhythmias without risking the life. Thus, the boy was only diagnosed at the clinic Santarishksk. The attending physician of Maxim in Belarus, Elena Protsenko, in view of the situation, has recommended performing a cryoablation by the doctor Termosesov Sergei Arturovich at the clinic in Moscow. The operation is scheduled for February 2013.

Peter Nadtochiy

Regular visits to the specialized clinic in Freiburg open new opportunities and horizons for Petya. A boy with his mother have just come back from Germany — and this time, the trip was very successful: Petya was given a special orthopedic device that allows the little to stand on his own. This will help to avoid complications associated with permanent seating position of the boy. Petya was also operated on to separate conjoined fingers on one hand. The recovery period was very difficult: due to the complexity and duration of the procedure, it had to be done under the general anesthesia. It is very important now to continually develop the fingers with the help of special exercises. Identical operation on the  second hand is scheduled for October 2013.

Radkevich Victoria

There have been major positive changes in life of Viktoriya. Girl has for a long time been struggling with the most severe form of viral hepatitis — hepatitis C. With your help Victoria was paid a course of antiviral therapy with PegIntron. The latest analyzes of Victoria have showed the absence of the copies of the hepatitis C virus — which means that the body has responded to the ongoing course of antiviral therapy.

Maxim Savelyev

Maxim came to our office with his mom already rather grown-up, but still very modest and thoughtfully silent. His mother has told us that after cochlear implantation that took place in May 2012 and installation of the speech processor, the rehabilitation process stays very successful. Maxim studies at the secondary school, he is especially good in exact sciences, weekly classes with audiologist and speech therapist help him in many ways, the boy is still keen on drawing and dreams about becoming a pilot.

Ilya Lelesh

Difficult period in the life of Ilya is behind. His mother is very satisfied with the treatment and the results. Ilya needs to come to the clinic only for regular examinations and testing of hormonal levels. The boy goes to school and studies well.

Matvej Delendik

On January 9 this little hero became 3 years old. Unfortunately he had to meet this day with the parents in hospital. At that time a fifth two — days cycle of chemotherapy was over. But the kid was able to present a gift to all the people who love him and began to breathe on his own without the help of the artificial lung ventilation apparatus. The boy bravely fights the disease and surprises everyone with his resilience and will of life. A few weeks before the next chemotherapy Matvej will undergo a CT scan to determine the dynamics and further treatment. According to the results of previous CT scan made on 10 December 2012, there was no significant evidence of tumor growth. Hopefully, all of the many wishes of good health to the boy from many people will become a reality soon.

Chance Foundation in its own name and on behalf of the parents of children you support in the time of need, expresses sincere gratitude for your sympathy, compassion and help.