Chance Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign «Perfect hearing» to raise funds for the purchase of speech processors for children

By means of Ammado — online donation platform Chance Foundation initiated a fundraising campaign "Perfect hearing" to raise funds for the purchase of modern speech processors OPUS-2 for children.

The idea behind the campaign is to help children with hearing impairment to acquire modern speech processors, which will significantly increase their capacity to hear and allow children to learn and develop in the same way as healthy children do.

Since 2011 all children in the Republic of Belarus who have gone through a cochlear implantation are provided with a modern speech processor Opus-1 that ensures the closest to reality perception of sound. However, there are 11 children under the age of 4, who were operated on before 2011 therefore they are confined to use the speech processor of an older generation Tempo +, which does not let the user to hear and, accordingly, repeat the sounds without distortion. These children are at the moment have not turned 4 years old yet, i.e they are in the age range, when the child can use the hearing to the maximum extent possible for the development of speech skills.

Chance Foundation initiates fundraising campaign to raise funds for the purchase of modern speech processors Opus-2 for these children. The cost of one processor is approximately 4700 Euro. The total campaign target is 51 700 Euro.

Any Internet user can support the fundraising campaign, or spread information about funds collection in your social network pages.

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Disclaimer: The above-mentioned information is not of a commercial nature, it is provided solely to identify the problem and justify the purpose of the fundraising campaign.