Registration for the Blue Dragon Race 2021 charity swim is open

For the third year in a row, our good friend Swimming School has been organizing the Blue Dragon Race charity event, which has already become a good tradition. Blue Dragon Race is a charity swim across the Minsk Sea for trained amateur and professional swimmers, the purpose of which is not just to challenge yourself in overcoming a difficult distance in open water, but also help seriously ill children.

Last year, Blue Dragon Race became not just a sports event, but a real family holiday that brought together many sports lovers and good friends who came to support incredible athletes who overcome the difficult distance of 5000 meters! Part of the profit from the event was used to help Kiryusha Demidov, a ward of the Chance Foundation, to purchase a Bach hearing aid. One of the most important motives for participating in the initiative for good, the swim participants name the desire to inspire, among other things, the wards of our foundation to fight the disease, showing an example of an incredible will to win and true fortitude.

Friends, we invite all sports fans to support the project and take part in the Blue Dragon Race 2021 Charity Swim across the Minsk Sea, which will be held this year on July 4th. Registration for the Blue Dragon Race 2021 swim is already open, it's time to start preparing!

Details on the website www.заплыв.бел