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10 January 2019

The Chance International Children’s Charity Foundation announces the competitive bidding of commercial offers in order to determine supplier of the medical equipment

The Chance International Children’s Charity Foundation announces competitive bidding of commercial offers to determine the supplier of medical equipment to be used during the implementation of the charitable program “Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy in Children” as a part of the signed Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

The aim of the program is to prevent disability, improve the quality of life and achieve long-term remission in children suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy.

The main objectives of the program are:

- ensuring the possibility of preoperative (invasive and non-invasive) diagnosis of young patients (till 18 years old) with pharmacoresistant epilepsy (citizens of the Republic of Belarus) undergoing treatment at the specialized hospital of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Neurology and Neurosurgery;

- improving the efficiency of surgical treatment of young patients with pharmacoresistant epilepsy who are citizens of the Republic of Belarus;

- reducing the risk of complications after surgical treatment of children with pharmacoresistant epilepsy.


to participate in the competitive bidding of

commercial offers of four lots

Type of the organization

The Chance International Children’s Charity Foundation

Tender type

competitive bidding of commercial offers

1.Customer information

1.1. Full name

The Chance International Children’s Charity Foundation

1.2. Location

9 Dombrovskaya str.

Room 9.1.3

Minsk, Belarus, 220140

1.3. Contact person

Natalia Makhanko

Alesia Yaskevich

1.4 Contact phone number

+375 17 388 01 43

+375 17 388 01 42


+375 17 388 01 42

1.5 . E-mail address

2. Information of the purchase:

2.1.Item and purchase amount LOT №1

2.1.1.Purchase item

Electrophysiological System for a long-period EEG monitoring with 128 channels

2.1.2.Purchase amount

1 (one) item

2.1.3. Purchase item

Block equipment (32 channels) for intraoperative EEG monitoring with possibility for brain stimulation and focal points destruction

2.1.4. Purchase amount

1 (one) item

2.2. Item and purchase amount LOT №2

2.2.1. Purchase item

Neurosurgical navigation station operated with the help of electromagnetic tracking for neuro-navigation of patients (children) of any age

2.2.2. Purchase amount

1 (one) item

2.3. Item and purchase amount LOT №3

2.3.1. Purchase item

Multifunctional computer complex: 1) neurophysiological complex for examining electromyography, induced potentials of the brain; 2) transcranial magnetic stimulator compatible with the neurophysiological complex with capabilities: work in a therapeutic mode, the presence of the block-cooling and the possibility of the inductor with frequencies of 50 Hz and above, the possibility of pair stimulation

2.3.2. Purchase amount

1 (one) item

2.4. Item and purchase amount LOT №4

2.4.1. Purchase item

Ultrasound diagnostic device for neurosurgery (with the ability to perform intraoperative studies of the brain in children of all ages)

2.4.2. Purchase amount

1 (one) item

2.5. Place of delivery of Goods, Services and Works

Republican Scientific Practical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery

F. Skoriny Avenue, 24

Minsk, Republic of Belarus

2.6. Source of the purchase funding

sponsored targeted funds

2.7. The timing of delivery

Till 1 September, 2019

2.8. Other information

Detailed information on the purchase subject and tender procedure can be found in the "Request for business proposals".

3. Information on business proposals tender:

3.1. Рarticipants:

3.1.1. Requirements

Legal entities, including individual entrepreneurs, (regardless of the legal form of ownership, location and place of origin of the capital, which meets the requirements set by the customer in the "Request for business proposals") are allowed to participate.

3.2. Business proposal request:

3.2.1. Provided by

The customer after receiving (by e-mail confirmation of the participation.

3.2.2. Address

mentioned by the participant

3.2.3. Timescales

from 10 January 2019 till 04 February 2019

3.3. Business proposals:

3.3.1. Are provided

in an envelope by courier or registered mail

3.3.2. Language/ languages


3.3.3. To the address

9 Dombrovskaya str.

Room 9.1.3

Minsk, Belarus, 220140

3.3.4. Deadline

till 5 p.m. 04 February 2018

3.3.5. Currency for the tender evaluation


The Chance International Children’s Charity Foundation is a non-profit organization, and all projects are accomplished exclusively owing to sponsors’ grants. The foundation will greatly appreciate the social responsibility displayed by your company.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email

Published on 10 January 2019.

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