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We still need to raise:
38 566 бел. руб.

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We still need to raise:
11 440 бел. руб.

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Total raised:

$11 688 075

in 2017:  $1 824 294

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The Chance Foundation accepts VISA and MasterCard payments via WebPay™ international online payment system.

Bank commission constitutes 3% of the donated amount (but no less than 0.33$ per donation) and is withdrawn prior to your donation remittance to the Foundation's account.

Please, enter the amount of your donation in BYR (Belarusian rubles).

The payment server will block a micropayment (a random amount from $0,5 to $4) to prevent third-party fraudulent operations.

You need to contact the bank of issue and find out the exact amount of micropayment in USA dollars in the course of three hours.

Then you have to enter this amount into a special field in the WebPay form and donate in any available currency (conversion is made automatically). On this the micropayment operation will be cancelled.

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