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Who can apply for help

The Chance Foundation provides help to children through the following programmes:

• Chance Programme

includes the payment for the sick children treatment, operations, rehabilitation, and the payment for the travel and accommodation expenses associated with the treatment (for a child and an accompanying person).

• Medicine and Medical Equipment Programme

provides charitable aid for the purchase of medicaments and medical equipment for sick children.

• Healthy Heart Programme

provides payment for interventional operations for serious heart rhythm disorders performed by doctors from abroad together with the specialists from the Republican Scientific Practical Centre “Cardiology”, and the doctors from Children’s Cardiac Surgery Centre.

The terms and conditions of a child’s entry into the programme:

• The child is between the ages of 2-16 (inclusive).
• The child is a citizen of the Republic of Belarus.
• The medical prognosis is good, the treatment is likely to lead to recovery or improve the quality of the child's life.
• The child's cognitive functions are undamaged.
• In case of cerebral palsy only children with mild or moderate movement impairement may qualify.
• The child’s parents do not have the possibility to cover the treatment cost:
a) The child's family qualifies as a low-income family.
b) The child's family does not qualify as a low-income family but the major part of the income is spent to cover the treatment-related expenses.
• The child is not supported by other organizations that raise money for treatment except for the Chance Foundation.
• Medical documents confirming the child's diagnosis are available.
• Qualified and timely medical care cannot be provided by state medical institutions of the Republic of Belarus or paid for by the state.

Documents required to participate in the programmes:

Help is provided on the basis of an application filled out by the child's parent or legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as Applicant).

The following documents must be submitted:

• A letter of request for assistance written by parents or legal guardians telling about the child’s life and disease.
• The child's photo.
• A copy of all the pages of the Applicant's passport.
• A copy of the child’s Birth Certificate.
• Medical documents that point what kind of treatment the child needs (case record, epicrisis etc.).
• Parents` Annual Income Certificate.
• Family Composition Certificate.
• An invoice or an invitation from the clinic where the treatment is supposed to be carried out (if available).
• Certificate of a Disabled Person copy (if available).
• If the child's parents have a donation account, the account statement must be submitted.
• A copy of the document confirming the relationship between the Applicant and the child in case the Applicant is the legal representative of the sick child.
• Other documents requested by the Foundation.

Original documents are presented to the Foundation during a personal visit.

The procedure of confirming the children’s candidacies that need help

Applications are submitted to the Foundation’s Executive Director for consideration. The Director considers whether all the applications received meet the required criteria then sends the documents to the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees for final consideration.

When necessary, the Executive Director examines the credibility of applications and documents submitted, and is in a position to reject an application for the following reasons:

• not all required documents are submitted, or their authenticity give rise to doubt,
• the Applicant refuses to provide the necessary information, doesn't respond to letters, phone calls and e-mails,
• the request doesn't correspond to the terms and conditions of a child’s entry into the programme.

Negative answers cannot be appealed.

The Foundation doesn't give any explanation in case of refusal to provide help.