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Polina Misiyuk
29.06.2009, city of Borisov, Minsk region

Diagnosis: tuberous sclerosis, pharmacoresistant epilepsy

Fundraising purpose: purchase of medicine

Our goal:
91 873 бел. руб.

We still need to raise 11 440 бел. руб.

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Polina is a creative, talented 9-year-old girl, a student of the Borisov Art School. Polina has tuberous sclerosis, a rare multisystem genetic disease. The disorder affects the central nervous system and results in a combination of symptoms, significantly deteriorating the quality of life.
The disease was a reason of epileptic activity. The first seizures appeared at the age of 6 years. Unfortunately, the treatment provided did not bring the expected results - the girl continues to suffer from frequent daily epileptic seizures.
Polina recommended treatment with the expensive drug Everolimus for a long time. The annual course of treatment requires 13 packs of the drug, the cost of one pack is 7,068.20 Belarusian rubles.
Dear benefactors, let's help Polina for her better future!