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Vladislav Zheshko
12 years old, city of Gomel

Diagnosis: epilepcy

Fundraising purpose: examination and surgical treatment

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At one and a half years of age the first convulsive syndromes for no apparent reason had appeared, the number of which increased over time, despite the treatment being given. Many diagnostic examinations were provided in the Republic of Belarus and abroad, different medications used to treat seizures, but unfortunately it is not possible achieve remission with drug treatment.

The University Hospital Tubingen (Germany) specializes in treating children with epilepsy. Vlad will be undergoing video EEG Monitoring with invasive electrodes - electrophysiological research using electrodes. By the procedure grid electrodes are placed on the surface of the brain to record electrical activity and help determine where seizures start and whether the person is a candidate for epilepsy surgery. Finding the seizure onset, or the area in the brain where seizures start, is most important. If seizures start from one area and that area can be removed safely, then a type of surgery called a resection can be done. So based on the results surgery will be performed.

Dear benefactors, let's help Vlad to live a normal life without pain and seizures!