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Maryam Sasnovskaya
4 years old, city of Minsk

Diagnosis: congenital abnormalities of the CNS. Myelocele (Spina bifida)

Fundraising purpose: surgical treatment

Total raised: 56 020 $

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Just born Maryam immediately got on the surgical table - Myelomeningocele (MMC) repair underwent and a shunt was inserted. Unfortunately, there was an infectious complication. At 9 months was opereated again because of abscess which led to neurologic complications: loss of sensation, loss of muscle tone; infant's positive neurological reflexes, support reflex stepping reflexes disappeared.
Long-term rehabilitation and hard work gradually brought their results, the girl learned to feel her legs again, to walk. The last MRI showed the child has a fixed area of ​​the spinal cord to the vertebral canal located at the level of thoracolumbar region of the spinal cord, tethered cord syndrome. Nervous dysfunction provokes a complex of neurological, physiological symptoms. With no due treatment the disease will lead to such complications as poor ability to walk, problems bowel and urinary control.
The girl needs a surgery which will be performed by neurosurgeons of the Israeli Assuta clinic. Israeli specialists believe that there is a great chance to help the child if the surgery is made in time to prevent progressive deteriration in girl's condition.
Dear benefactors, the necessary sum is raised! Thank you for support Maryam and her family in such a difficult time!