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Nazar Anashkin
11.06.2013, city of Borisov, Minsk region

Diagnosis: chemical burn of the esophagus, bioprosthesis of the esophagus. Chronic aspiration syndrome

Fundraising purpose: surgical treatment

Total raised: 564 350 рос. руб.

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Little Nazar is a Sunny child: he is lovely, fun, sensitive and really active! He is a center of a big harmonious family! Unfortunately, the natural curiosity of the child turned into a tragedy: at 3 years old he swallowed the alkali, got a severe chemical burn of the digestive system. Doctors fought for the boy's life. Some surgical interventions were carried out, now he is using the bioprosthesis of the esophagus. But the child's body suffers great from complications of the procedure: he can`t eat and even breathe normally due to chronic aspiration syndrome.
Dear benefactors, Nazar needs father surgical treatment in the Department of Thoracic Surgery of the Filatov Children's Hospital (Moscow, Russia).
Dear benefactors, thank you for helping Nazar to fulfil his dreams of healthy life!