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About the foundation

Dear friends!

The creation of the Chance Foundation is our sincere attempt to give help to the children that need treatment. The Founders of the Chance Foundation, the companies and ordinary people that support our initiative would like their charitable activity to become a considerable and fruitful contribution to a long and difficult process of the recovery of seriously ill children.

The Chance Foundation gives an opportunity to exercise social responsibility by donating money for the the children in need of expensive medical care. We are committed to accountability and transparency.  We try hard to make both giving and getting help as easy as it is possible.

Yours sincerely,

Alexander Iliasiuk, Chairman of the Chance Foundation Board of Directors

Our charity foundation was created to give seriously ill Belarusian children a chance for recovery and lessen financial burden on the affected families. We strongly believe that phylanthropy is not only a chance for children to get well or improve the quality of life. It is also an opportunity for everybody to put their compassion into practice.

We appeal to everybody who is not indifferent to children's sufferings. No matter who you are — a charitable organization, a businessman, or just a person who wants to help — please, help the children with all your heart!The Chance Foundation helps children for whom life is not easy. Each of them has their own story. Just read the stories of the kids we help, and you`ll see that the thing they have in common is the desire to LIVE. Sick children`s parents want their son or daughter to be healthy and happy…

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There's always a chance. It means that thanks to you the number of sick children is decreasing. The Chance Foundation need every person’s help! The Chance International Children’s Charity Foundation was registered on June 4, 2008 by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus under No. 0012. The Chance Foundation is a non-profit organization without membership. It was founded on the basis of the donations made by the Founders.

The Chance Foundation acts within the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, legal regulations of the President of the Republic of Belarus, other legal acts and the Chance Foundation Statute.

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On-site tax audit report (24 August, 2011 — 2 September, 2011)

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